Innovation is our strength. Our team of experts dedicate their time to the development of new products that keeps Copaco a leader in sun and insect screen solutions.
Serge 1% to 10%
Transparency is one of the most important aspects of screens. Depending on the orientation of your façade, the possibility of choosing a different ‘openess factor’ may be an ideal solution to add extra comfort to your sunscreens. COPACO Screenweavers has the perfect solution for your demand for an optimal tailormade comfort: Serge 1% - Serge 5% - Serge 10%
Exterior screen solutions
All Copaco’s interior screens are antibacterial treated screens, ideal for use in environments requiring a high level of hygiene, such as hospitals, rest homes, care centers, pharmacies, labs, public spaces, hotels, industrial kitchens and sports, leisure and wellness centers. Upon request, we can provide our screens with certified labels that respond to the antibacterial specifications of your project.
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Copaco is able to produce screens this wide, and we’re the only producer that can do so. These screens are especially beautiful and useful in the large windows of modern buildings. No cuts and no lines, for perfect symmetry and harmony.
WOW - Wonderful Whites
WOW is a new interior fabric color from Copaco that responds to architects’ demands for a more brilliantly white sunscreen fabric. This new shade is whiter than white, and is suitable for any style of modern interior.
WOW Products
This innovative line of exterior sunscreens ensures the ultimate in comfort, whether you’re going for light or darkness. Copaco offers two lines of Block screens, Serge 600 BO Lunar and Serge 600 BO Solar, for a new evolution in façade décor suitable for awnings and much more.

Serge 600 BO Lunar has a 0% openness factor, for the complete block of light and UV radiation. It is also water-resistant, easy-to-clean and available in 8 colors in a width of 2.1 m. Serge 600 BO Solar, also available in 8 colors in a unique width of 3 m, has a transparent backing, perfectly combining transparency, waterproofing and dimensional stability for the ideal awning and patio solution. 
Exterior screens
Eco story: Ulterio
Ulterio, our premier interior sunscreen made with recyclable materials, was unveiled in 2012. Since then, we’ve perfected this attractive and eco-friendly solution, which incorporates 100% recycled plastic PET bottles.

This sunscreen fabric, which is M1-rated fire retardant, is available in 2.5 and 3.2 m widths with a 3% openness factor. Ulterio 1% and Ulterio 8% are available in 2,5m width. Our designers incorporated the latest and best trends in style and color, which, coupled with its other attributes, make this product highly popular around the world.
Ulterio screens
Metal: Zilario
When it comes to ultimate protection against excess heat and sunlight, Zilario is an indoor solution that performs as beautifully as it looks. The reverse side of a Zilario screen is covered with a very thin layer of aluminum, which reflects direct sunlight and heat. The result? A delightfully cool room, even in high summer, with an excellent view of the outdoors. Zilario 3% is available in 8 beautiful shades with a 240 cm width (290 cm width available upon request). Zilario 1% and Zilario 8% are available in 2 colours (black & white) in the width of 240cm.
Zilario screens
The fine fiberglass mesh of Copaco’s premier insect screen allows you to enjoy a clear view of your surroundings with an ideal airflow. The yarns used in BELLAVISTA screens have smaller diameters and are more closely woven than those in other insect screens, for even more light transmission and superior protection against unwanted insect guests.