Antibacterial solutions

Protection from an unseen foe
Because the structure of textiles makes them an attractive environment for microorganisms, antibacterial technologies are very relevant to textile applications.

With microbes outnumbering all other species combined, we’re living in a world of bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae – and only a tiny fraction has been identified. Most microbes are helpful, but around 3% are harmful, making it a tough task to protect ourselves from the bad without hurting the good.

Textiles including sunscreen fabrics and curtains can be affected by bacteria, since conditions are ideal. Temperatures in well-insulated houses are consistently warm and the humidity tends to be high. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re forced to put up with these unwelcome house guests.
Specialists in antimicrobial fabrics
Antimicrobial is a general term for chemicals and treatments that kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms. All of Copaco’s interior sunscreens provide effective and proven protection, having been tested by accredited labs against S. Aureus and K. Pneumoniae. Our screens achieved the rating of “strong antibacterial activity” according to the ISO 20743 standard and can therefore be used in health, hygiene and medical applications.

The antibacterial action of our products is based on the inhibition of bacterial growth, keeping your space free of bacteria as well as unwanted sun.
Meet the highest standards and double your profits with Sanitized
In addition to complying with all ISO 20743 regulations, Copaco products meet all necessary protection requirements.

Together with Sanitized®, global producer of antimicrobial protection for textiles and polymers, we offer superior-quality solutions that meet your individual needs.

Sanitized® technology is based on active ingredients that can be added directly to textile products during manufacture, protecting them against microbes 24/7. This is especially important in spaces such as healthcare facilities, dental offices and clinics that are frequently contaminated with germs and require ongoing protection.

Sanitized® is a brand name as well as a seal of confidence. Screen fabrics treated with Sanitized® solutions and marked with the brand seal are available on demand. Please contact our sales managers for details.