Architectural design and expertise

© Renson
© Renson
The ideal solution for every challenge
Architects have to strike a delicate balance between fulfilling their clients’ dreams and meeting specific technical requirements. Whether your project is a school, a hospital, or an eco-friendly building, we have the custom solution to suit any application. 
Climate change conscious
The environment is always a top priority when it comes to new Copaco products and processes. From beginning to end, our screen production processes feature the use of green electricity, low-energy machinery and eco-friendly installations. Our end products save energy and reduce CO2 emissions, and some are even made from recycled materials.
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Choosing the perfect product
Copaco sunscreens are the perfect balance of form and function. They protect spaces against excess heat and glare while contributing to beautiful esthetics. Maintain precise control of indoor environments with screens in varying opacities, shades and textures.
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Antibacterial solutions
Even environments that must maintain a high level of cleanliness can benefit from Copaco screens. Our certified antibacterial screens are ideal for hospitals, care facilities, laboratories, public spaces, industrial kitchens and many more types of highly hygienic locations, for a comfortable, clean and attractive environment.
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As a producer of superior screens used in a wide range of applications, Copaco holds itself to the highest standards. Our products align with the world’s most rigorous quality and production regulations. Copaco’s Ulterio and Zilario screens hold Cradle to Cradle (bronze) achievements in design and innovation. All Copaco screens are Greenguard certified for impeccable quality, adhere to the textile requirements of the OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and Reach certified for safety. The fabrics used in Copaco products are also flame retardant and comply fully with the most demanding fire safety standards in the world. 
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BREEAM and LEED requirements
Changes to Breeam and Leed sustainable building standards will impact all companies and stakeholders that must align their green building standards to the requirements of leading certification authorities. The new versions of these two main systems are more demanding. Knowledge gained during previous certifications will be very useful for any parties involved in the design and implementation processes of buildings applying for new certificates.
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3.5 m width
Following the architectural trend of wider glass expanses in buildings, Copaco has invested in new, wider looms – making us the only producer in the world capable of producing screens 3.5m wide. Wider blinds, no seams, less cutting loss, any requirements, to perfectly fit your project.
Serge 1%
A new exterior fabric with a 1% openness factor, Serge 1% allows a great view of the outside world without compromising on privacy, even during the night. A palette of 5 gorgeous shades ensures a perfect match with any environment.
Serge 1% screens
Metal: Zilario
Backed with a very thin layer of aluminum, Zilario sunscreens are the perfect intersection of comfort, design and performance. This innovative fabric reflects almost all unwanted light and heat and keeps your environment comfortable without disturbing the view.
Zilario screens
Small batch
We have a passion for color as an important design element, which is why we developed the small batch system. Our experts are ready to assist you in designing the perfect hue for your space, from subdued to simply brilliant.