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When it comes to quality, versatility, and style, Copaco indoor and outdoor screens have every one of your requirements covered. Our diverse lines of certified, eco-friendly and expertly crafted products are sure to delight, no matter the ambiance or effect you’re aiming for.
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Filter out unnecessary sunlight while keeping a clear perspective of the outdoors with Visi. The fabric of these screens is finely-woven, for the ultimate in clarity and comfort.
Visi collection
Give your space an esthetic edge with our Cult collection, which fuses technological innovation with the latest trends in architecture and design. Our Into Denim and Bicolor product lines add stylish flare to any interior.
Cult collection
The white reverse side of Copaco’s Cool collection optimizes thermal comfort by reflecting unwanted light and heat. A cooler space means energy bill savings and a reduced carbon footprint, for an eco-friendly interior solution that looks beautiful.
Cool collection
Copaco’s Block collection features 100% opaque fabrics that block out light and insects completely. This collection is ideal for spaces requiring perfect privacy and very low light levels, such as conference rooms, bedrooms and more.
Block collection
Maximize energy efficiency with Metal, a collection of beautifully designed, aluminum-backed interior screens. With an openness factor of 3%, Metal screens allow a clear view of the outside environment while keeping indoor spaces at an ideal temperature and light level.
Metal collection
The Out collection features decorative exterior screens - woven with coated fiberglass yarns - for ultimate durability. Available in a variety of fabric and color options, Out screens ensure a perfect fit with any façade, while maximizing energy efficiency.
Out collection
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Copaco is the ideal partner to system builders in need of high-quality, end-to-end screen solutions with precise specifications and characteristics. Find out more about our products and innovations by subscribing to our newsletter written especially for system builders.