Sustainable building standards

BREEAM and LEED sustainable building standards updated in 2016
According to BuildGreen, 2016 brings major changes to the certification of sustainable buildings across the globe, as the most frequently-used methodologies, BREEAM and LEED, are be updated.

While the new version of BREEAM was recently implemented, LEED v4 was launched in November 2014. The updates replace existing versions and propose a more thorough approach to sustainable development, impacting all market players seeking to align their green building practices with the requirements of the world’s leading certification authorities.
BREEAM 2016 blends stricter environmental requirements with a simplified certification process. The new scheme completely replaces the previous 2013 version, which will no longer be valid. The update includes certification criteria for new building types such as office buildings, industry and addresses some of the challenges associated with residential buildings, which are increasingly turning to sustainable building practices.
LEED v4 replace LEED v3 since November 2014, and proposes stricter rules regarding sustainable building, making the two systems even more similar to each other. The new versions of BREEAM and LEED are more demanding, which means that knowledge gained in the process of previous certifications will be useful for all participants engaged in the design and building processes of structures applying for the new versions of these certificates.
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