The environment is always a top priority in any decision for new products or for production processes that Copaco Screenweavers gets involved with.
Eco - a green concept by Copaco
Copaco Screenweavers doesn’t just take into account the fact that energy can be saved through shading. We also want to do our part by producing eco-friendly fabrics based on recycled and recyclable materials.

As a manufacturer of sunscreen fabrics, Copaco is committed to the environment. It’s well-known that sunscreens are the best way to keep unwanted heat out of your home and save on energy consumption. For the last several years, we’ve been developing screen fabrics made from recycled or recyclable materials, keeping both PVC-free products and our environmental footprint in mind.
Green means more than you think
Green buildings aren’t simply about saving energy and using recycled materials; creating a pleasant and attractive environment is just as important as minimizing negative environmental impacts – and an ideal indoor climate is a critical part of that. In addition to the advantages of sustainability, design will impact the general wellbeing of those who live and work within a building. Workspaces that are comfortable, take advantage of natural light and offer employees a clear view of the outside world can reduce staff turnover and absenteeism.
Recycled and recyclable since 2012
Ulterio, our ecological awning fabric, has been based on recycled material in the form of PET bottles since 2012. Available in 250 and 320cm widths with an openness factor of 3%, Ulterio was designed in collaboration with several architects and designers. In incorporating current and future design trends, eight elegant colors have been chosen for this product, which is also certified M1 fire-resistant.

This mix of ecology, design, comfort and versatility make Ulterio a popular screen choice around the world.